Valeri Sokolovski, Painter & Sculptor

Valeri Sokolovski is an internationally acclaimed artist, who has exhibited his sculptures and paintings in over a dozen countries in the last five decades. His monuments can be found across eastern Europe and Russia, and his pieces have found homes in museums and private collections in countries such as Italy, France, Japan, Germany, Russia and Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Britain, USA, Israel, and Canada.

Originally from Odessa, Ukraine, Valeri spent much of his childhood in the mountains of Kazakhstan. Spending time in solitude in those pristine mountains he absorbed the beauty and grandeur of nature that ultimately shaped him. From an early age he was fond of clay modeling, drawing, and painting, reflecting the surrounding beauty. The study of European art, especially the art of ancient Greece and Italy influenced his worldview perception of figurative images of the human body. Physical beauty, harmony of forms, beautiful colors formed in his mind the concept and love of art. 

Throughout the years music has been an integral part of his soul and has helped him express his thoughts and emotion into his artwork. Well known as a sculptor – monumentalist Valeri Sokolovski’s established works are ominous in public parks and buildings throughout Europe. His grandiose large scale Soviet inspired monumentalist works, government commissioned, are the essence of teutonic artistic expressions. Impressive statements, his sculptures broadly reflected elements of history and society, memory and myths, culture, and politics. 

Authoritarian lines, linear shapes and inspirational strength give way to sinuous forms, colour and playfulness. As if a renewed wisdom meant a new narrative expressed in purely graphic and dynamic ways. Away from the limitations of art as a practice for social purposes, his new artistic expression is more ‘accessible’ to the viewer, yet truly contemporary in language, as if in search of a new definition of freedom.


Valeri Sokolovski, Painter and Sculptor

Valeri Sokolovski, Painter and Sculptor