Thomas Cetnarowski, Biography

Thomas Cetnarowski was born in Nysa, Poland in 1968.

He graduated from Jan Matejko University of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland in 1993 with Master of Fine Arts Degree. In 1998 he completed a Classical Animation course at Emily Carr University in Vancouver B.C.

He lives and works in Pitt Meadows B.C., Canada

My main goal is to explore the relationship between nature and spirituality. To create a sensitive portrayal of the natural world that will take the viewer beyond a simple mirrored reflection of nature. To take a viewer on breathtaking journeys of light, where color softens and intensifies, waxes and wanes with the rise and disappearance of the Sun.

Color to me is light of the Sun. It lives, it moves, it vibrates ...

In order to capture the light, I try to carefully observe the fields and riverbanks of surrounding areas.

What fascinates me most in the quiet beauty of nature is its ability to change from one moment to the next.

To me nature is not a picturesque background of human activity, but the main object of our inspiration.
I try to not only describe what it looks like, but let the viewer know how it feels to be there.

By fully capturing the atmosphere of my surroundings I try to share with the viewers my intimate experience.