Senlin Gui, Biography

Initially self-taught, later formally educated in Fine Arts (Master of Arts in oil-painting and abstract art), Senlin was a Fine Art teacher from mainland China who is also a well-known contemporary Artist of Tokyo, Japan. With numerous publications, awards and over ten solo/group exhibitions in China and Japan, Senlin has received international recognition and praising reviews in the most prestigious newspapers and magazines. Senlin’s Art pieces draw their power from his zest for life and passion for creativity; his favored mediums are sketch, watercolor and oil painting. Senlin’s unusual use of vibrant colors and blending techniques has helped him create paintings with lyrical intensity and evoke responses akin to those from poems or dreams, capturing particular moods, emotions or atmosphere which make his pieces thoroughly distinctive.

Immigrated to Canada in 2005, Senlin is continuously challenging the mind and the eye, constantly seeking the connection between color, movement and feelings. Senlin’s recent works particularly embrace the theme of boats and harbor views, each telling a special story that symbolizes the transition he is going through from his past journeys to the present moment and to the unknown future.

2015 - featured in Canadian City Post (Chinese Newspaper in Vancouver, BC)

2013 - featured in Artists’ Magazine “Mei Shu Jie” (Chinese Art Magazine in China)

2011 - featured in Vancouver Visitor’s Choice Magazine (Fall Issue)

- Solo exhibition at the Four Seasons Hotel, downtown Vancouver, BC

2001 - Master of Art, Tama Art University, Tokyo Japan

1997 - 2002 Annual solo/group exhibitions, Tokyo Japan

1994 Sichuan Dazhu Museum, China, Excellence Award

1989 World Famous Fine Art Competition, Shanghai China, First Place

1976 - 1982 Fine Art Teacher, Shanghai China