Rosemarie Armstrong, Biography

My artistic practice is inspired by earth, water and atmosphere. What I experience in the outdoors is translated into paintings which illuminate landscapes and seascapes; oil paintings created to share the beauty as well as juxtaposition of calm and chaos that is our natural world.

Field experiences are the foundation of larger oil paintings on canvas. Colour, composition and light are integral considerations when developing a painting. Each creation results from a deliberate process using layers to create a depth that translates movement, light and shadow. Layers of oil paint, glazes and veils, results in a multi-dimensional, illuminated quality of atmosphere, earth and water, varying in intensity to engage viewers both emotionally and intellectually.

I sketch, photograph and paint en plein air to experience subject matter directly, this informs my practice when working in the studio. I find mankind’s quest for progress in conflict with the preservation of our rural spaces, and our wild places. Through painting, my intention is to make an enduring statement to current and future generations.... that our natural world deserves our attention, reverence and respect.

Rosemarie was born on July 29, 1956 in Southampton, Ontario, Canada. Throughout her childhood, her mother Helga, an oil painter of Czechoslovakian descent, influenced her appreciation of romantic and traditional approaches to oil painting where Rosemarie became intrigued with the process of making and using colour. Rosemarie sold her first painting at the age of fifteen.

Spanning more than twenty five years, she has studied with her mentor Xiang Ming Zeng, whose paintings combine Far Eastern Mysticism and the romanticism of the West.

Graduate of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Zeng is listed in the Encyclopaedia of Famous Chinese Artists. Rosemarie credits Mr. Zeng with her artistic growth and development of masterful painting techniques. Works of great Masters such as J.M.W. Turner, Ilya Repin, Winslow Homer and Thomas Moran also influence and and inspire Rosemarie’s work.

Awards and Honours:
- National Oil & Acrylic Painter’s Society Best of America Exhibition 3rd Place - -- Plein Air Painting, Massachusetts USA 2016
- Juror’s Choice Award for “Liquid Precipice” Headwaters Art Gallery ON Canada 2014
- Established Artist of the Year, Arts & Culture Award, Orangeville ON Canada 2013
- Arabella Canadian Landscape Competition Semi-Finalist, Arabella Magazine 2013


 Rosemarie Armstrong

Rosemarie Armstrong