Rosa Canto, Biography

On July 11, 1968, Rosa Canto was born in Alcoy, Alicante, Spain. Her artistic studies began at the Fine Arts School in Alcoy. Later she continued her education in Valencia at the San Carlos Fine Arts University.

Through hard work she has achieved merited success. Canto is a master with paint. On her canvases she shapes her landscapes, infusing them with great flavor and character of her native country. Her favored subjects are landscapes. Forgetting the romanticism often seen, she looks foe the nature and realism in her subjects. 

She takes a visual picture of fields full of brilliantly coloured flowers or serene Spanish villages. Her goal is to be set apart from her region, be always portraying her homeland from her personal point of view. 

Rosa Canto paints as she feels and does not dwell upon the perfection of each stroke. She considers her work to be a journey, one that gets better with each piece that she paints.