Preman Sri Ananda, Biography

My career as a professional artist began in 2007, with the creation of the leaf sculpture series.

Art is meditation, it is the inner space that I carry within, that expresses and reflects in the art that I create. It is my true nature, how I perceive myself and the world that expresses and manifests into the 3 dimensional sculptural forms and paintings. Art is my meditation, it is the space that connects me to the present moment and allows my uniqueness, love and freedom to express into the fine art that I create. My intention and goal is to re define the creative art process from start to finish, and produce cutting edge modern contemporary art, creating natural sculptural forms and modern contemporary paintings.

It began with the original leaf and flower sculptures, inspired by the rich and vibrant nature of my home, Vancouver, Canada. Tediously constructed using a steel frame, original paper mache technique, acrylic and high gloss epoxy resin finishes, my wall sculptures have a natural organic feeling, bringing a warmth, and uniqueness to any space. My intention was to re create the peace and serenity found in nature through the sculptures, and bring that feeling into the modern dwelling, where more often then not human beings experience a disconnectedness with the nature and the planet earth that surrounds them.

Eventually, my work evolved, using the same paper mache technique, creating modern contemporary sculpted textured paintings. The surface of each of my paintings is 3 dimensional, drawing the viewer on an inward journey. Also inspired by natural forms, my paintings always have a unique message that each individual will interpret in a different way. Ultimately all of my work should invoke a feeling of peace and tranquility as this is the inner space from where my works come. My art is my meditation, may it be yours as well.