Olivia Zeng, Biography

Olivia Zeng was born in Greater Vancouver in 1998 to a family of artistic background. Her father Xiangming Zeng, who is a world-renowned artist with two paintings in the National Gallery of China, taught her how to draw and paint since she was the age of four. From then on, she has created more than a thousand pieces of art.

As a young artist, she has received many major awards in both artistic and academic fields. She was awarded First Place in the Royal Canadian Legion National Poster Contest, and was invited to meet the 28th Governor General of Canada Mr. David Johnston, Prime Minister Mr. Justin Trudeau, and the Royal Canadian Legion officers in Ottawa. Her achievements also include the Governor General Academic Medal, Top Artist in the District, First Place in the Opus Outdoor Painting Contest, and the People’s Choice Award at the Emerging Talent 19 Exhibition.

Her practice includes acrylic painting, oil painting, watercolour, and drawing. Olivia’s subject matter and artistic style includes a blend of both traditional technique and modern fluidity. Her works often maintain a delicate balance between realism and impressionism while displaying a vivid palette of hues and tones.





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