Oleg Turchin, Biography

(BORN: 29 JUNE, 1964)

He studied at the children’s art school Sciusev - his teacher was V.B. Bulba.

In 1981 he enters to study at the Fine Arts University in the name of I.E. Repin, his teachers were S.S. Babjuk, Proniaev.

1989 - 1995 Studies in the Institute of Fine Arts, Painting
Faculty, leaders I.I. Serbinov and V.I. Kazakov.
Degree work Underground transition.

Since 1989 exhibits his works regularly at the Spring and Autumn salons at the Constantin Brancush Exibition Hall, Chisinau.

Since 1990 cooperates with the DECOR gallery, Odessa.

Since 1993 with the gallery TZIMA, Athens.

Oleg Turchin’s works are in private collections in Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Greece, Holland, USA, Turkey, Italy, Russia.

Since 2002 till 2003 worked on the art panel in Hotel Dedeman Grand Chisinau.