Oksana Tanasiv, Biography

“I believe in art as an important instrument to improve and change our world. Art is a powerful tool that in many ways generate ideas, thoughts, actions making the observer, creator, curator, collector, everyone who is involved in the art process spiritually and emotionally richer person.” – Oksana Tanasiv

Oksana Tanasiv (OKSI) is internationally recognized Ukrainian born American artist.
She experiments in realistic, surrealistic, neo-folk and pop-art creating art as collections by subject, style, and technique.

Oksana Tanasiv was born in Ternopil, Ukraine. In the early 90’s she had the opportunity to formerly develop her talent by attending art classes at the Chortkiv Pedagogical School.
In 2004 Oksana immigrated to the United States and began her career as a professional artist.

In Dollar Art Collection she expresses artistic thoughts about the social, political, and economical structure of world, showing the relation between people and money, and how banknotes can influence person’s behavior and manipulate person’s brain, what limitations and possibilities can be created because of money bills.

Oksana Tanasiv is creator of more than 200 art works, installations, and illustrations. Oksana’s art is presented by galleries in NYC and CT (USA), London (UK), Vancouver (Canada), Casa-Museu Medeiros, Museum of Portugal. Tanasiv’s art has been sold to the private collectors worldwide

*Author of more than 200 art works, installations, illustrations;
*Experimenter in several styles: neo-folk, realistic, surrealistic, pop-art;
*Creator of Conceptual collection Dollar Art featuring social, political, and economical issues.
*Oksana was an exhibitor at the Casa Museu Medeiros e Almeida (Lisbon, Portugal), Museum of *Russian Art MORA (NJ).