Nilufar Moayeri, Biography

Nilufar Moayeri was born in Tehran in 1970. She started taking Fine Arts and Art History lessons at a young age and showed her deep interest and

talent. She was accepted into the Fine Arts Department of Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul in 1993 where she attended and completed a Bachelor’s

of Fine Arts degree in Drawing and Traditional Painting. She received a Master’s of Arts degree in Textile and Fashion Design and a PhD in Film Studies from Beykent University.

As an artist, Nilufar has been inspired by Mesopotamian goddess as she represents this in her work with composition of the elements, excavating

them from a historical subconscious and bringing them into a modern, contemporary, cross-cultural daylight.

She was an Art instructor and director of Pera Fine Arts Academy for 19 years and she has been teaching Drawing and Art History classes at Palazzo Spilelli Academy of Arts in Florence, Italy since 2003.

Nilufar has costumes for many professional Theatre plays. She was nominated for Best Costume Design in the 2009 Afife Jale Artistic Awards, in Istanbul.

Nilufar’s work has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Vancouver, Istanbul, New York,

Toronto, Paris, Peking, Florence, Rome, Milan, and Brussels. Recently she has written and directed her first short film titled, “Amore Mio Firenze”.