Michel LeBlanc, Biography

Born in Canada, Michel LeBlanc expresses his yearning for painting and the theatre as early as age 9.

He is the son of a former professional hockey player, who attended the Detroit Red Wings’ training camp in the early 50’s, and who later became a profesionnal painter. Michel follows in his father’s the footsteps.

Michel created CinéMasque, an artistic and educational pre-kindergarten, and a drama school on Montreal’s south shore. Along with his business he conducts theater workshops in five inner-city schools. Member of the Union des Artistes (Actors’ Union) as an actor, he played in over thirty film and television productions.

Sensitized to various humanitarian causes, he is involded in the Canadian Children’s Dream Foundation, as well as the and the Quebec association of children with Specific Language Impairement (dysphasia) and the Quebec Society of Autism.

As arts columnist for the radio program Planet Montreal, he is approached in 2000 to be the master of ceremonies at an international painting exhibition entitled “Art Unites” in Montreal. Organized by “Visions sur l’art (Quebec)” affiliated to “Very Special Arts International” based in Washington, DC. VSA provides a framework to atists with disabilities and promotes their work. Michel will have the honor of working alongside with its founder Dr. Jean Kennedy Smith, a member of the famous Kennedy family and younger sister of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Now Michel is a member of “Visions sur l’art (Quebec) “ as a professional disabled painter, nicknamed “The Quebec painter of Time Square” for is New York scenes, very appreciated by art galleries.

The artist has exhibited his work around the world : Paris, Italy, California, Singapore and of course, Canada. With his invigorating works, representative of a dynamic generation, Michel LeBlanc paints with his knife the freedom of a survivor. He is an actor, speaker and the author of « L’art qui fait revivre » (“The art that revives”) an inspirational and unusual story!