Michael Binkley, Biography

I want to reconnect individuals to their primal instinct of touch. The experience of touch is quickly de-programmed in most of us during childhood. Don't touch is a phrase often spoken to a child during formative years, and we learn that it is almost taboo to touch objects. This imposed societal constraint pushes our desire to touch to a deep place within us and sculpture is one means to resurface that instinct.

When carving sculpture I try to pay as much attention to the finishing of the piece as I do to the design - different textures are integral to the piece itself, as it  supports my desire to have people touch my work as part of their interaction with a particular piece.

In our contemporary world of conceptual art as popular art form, I believe there is missing piece that dismisses line and form, positive and negative space and composition of a discrete sculpture, which I feel is truly valuable in aiding an individual s interaction with art through touch. 

I give thanks for two main blessings in my artistic path. I was fortunate to have experienced my epiphany at an early age, which has allowed me to pursue my passion for sculpture as both a young and middle aged man. And I have the foundation of an international group of collectors that have allowed me to remain self-represented and I am eternally grateful to the support and patronage of this group. I ve heard it said that it takes a that it takes a village to raise a child, and I believe it takes a community to raise an Artist.





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BC Children's Hospital
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Canyon Ranch
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Cunard Line Ltd.
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Gotack Transportation Ltd.
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