Mehrnoosh Sabouri, Biography

Mehrnoosh Sabouri

Mehrnoosh Sabouri

Mehrnoosh is a self-taught artist who has been painting and drawing since she was a child. She has experimented different painting styles such as impressionism, figurative art, abstract and illustration, using acrylic, resin, pencil and charcoal.

She now predominantly draws with black charcoal on paper. Her illustration style is expressionism and abstract self-portrait. Her interest in expressionism abstract self-portrait was born after life left her father’s body in mid 2018. Mehrnoosh uses that style to represent herself and illustrate her emotions, while leaving space for the audience to perceive and criticize the drawings based on their own feelings and experience of life.

Currently, mehrnoosh is producing series of self-portrait called the CR collection. CR stands for collapse & relapse which refers to the death of her dad and the birth of an inspired chapter in her life.

In her private life, Mehrnoosh is a Project Coordinator and has worked in Hotel Management and Financial industries.

Her other areas of interest are pole dancing, ice skating, hiking, weight training and yoga.

Mehrnoosh’s purpose in life is to experiment, experience, learn , grow and most importantly to help others.

Mehrnoosh dedicates her free time to researching about the brain, the mind and the body. As she believes those are the most precious assets and tools that all humans so freely have access to, to create and experience anything they can even dream of, if used correctly.