Mark Kopp, Biography

Mark started working with a commercial art company and then on to run his own company in his early twenties. As the years went by, discovering his style, evolving as an artist, entering and winning local contests, Kopp realized He was meant to be a full-time artist.

Eventually Mark opened a gallery featuring more than 30 artist work, including his own, but over time Mark realized it was taking too much of his studio time and pulling him from what he really was, an artist.

Kopp went on to do a series of solo shows in various venues, Station House Gallery etc... Many of the Shows had a deep personal meaning to him and others they touched. “Surviving” was a show that featured cancer survivors of all ages. “Faces without a Home” showcased homeless people in His community. “For the Love of Jazz” was a show that highlighted not only paintings, but the show was filled with jazz music compliments of a three-piece jazz group. The evolution of Kopp’s work over the years was showcased in a show he called “Diversity”

Mark spent many of the last few years, doing consignment work. Large scale pieces for Clients.

Most recently Kopp has been reaching the palette knives instead of the brushes. The feeling Mark had when he first used oil paints has returned with the knife. Mark’s art has once again been re-born and evolved with a diverse subject matter that is created with a quick deliberate application.

Recently Mark has showcased at New York in AENY2019 and Vancouver at Art Vancouver 2019.