Mahmoud Awad, Biography

About the artist
The God has given the gift of taste the beauty and art. Learning and studied art inspired by divine talent since childhood his mind shapes and Meditate on the aesthetics of God’s creation.

He has participated in group shows, special occasions important Arab League while studying at the Academy
* Inventor natural colors abstracted by the nature of fruit and vegetables
* Inverse founder of the theory in the transfer and the formation of colored sculptures
* Discovered the secret of the secrets of the legendary magician Leonardo da Vinci in his eyes the eyes of the Mona Lisa was applied and developed in his paintings
* Famous artist who emitted beauty and mystery strong expressive symbols magical secrets in a splash and puzzles and paintings keys that lies between the fingers is owned

Individual exhibitions
- Maritime Day Exhibition at the Academy 2007
- Faculty of Engineering Fair 2007
-Gallery - the League of Arab States, 2009
- Sacred Art Gallery VILLA BARUCHELLO 2010 Italy
- Exhibition art farmgaia in Perugia Italy
- 2012 Tarot Art Gallery at Alexandria in Egypt Mahmud Said Museum

* Most of his paintings were sold in Italy (Napoli) - France (Paris) - Belgium (Antwerp) - Spain (Valencia)
* The work of overseeing the activities of the Fine Arts and the Naval Academy also worked Performing arts also an actor and theatrical decor.

An award-winning, certificates and shields in the arts discretionary selection of the Naval Academy and the League of Arab States and the Ministry of Culture, Italian, German and other European institutes for Fine Arts Sector.