John Johnston, Biography

Born in Lindsey Ontario, John was brought up in a Cree Metis family, traditionally picking medicines across the country of Canada, he still keeps close to traditional ways of living in ceremony today.

One of Johns early memories was at the age of 7, when he cast his eyes on the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, this was to become a subject he would become passionate about later in life which can be seen throughout his work. His experience came from working with many native contemporary Artists across Canada which gave John great insight into different techniques.

His Art became his biggest challenge in life, a battle to produce satisfactory art, face his fears, but which also developed his spirit, faith and the creator he is today.

1979 - Studied Art with Kirt Hahn, a Rocky Mountain Artist oil painter, Golden.
1980 - Moved to Vancouver, British Columbia.
1989 - Opened The Kuska Gallery, a Native Art Gallery, Vancouver.
1989 – Designed and produced Murals with Ken Skoda around British Columbia, works in Lougheed Highway, Hope, Squamish, Vancouver, some are still viewable today.
1992- Produced the Artifacts and carved Bow and Arrows, Drums and other native items for the film The Last of the Mohicans.

John also became the President of dimensional prints where he produced limited edition prints for native artists, such as Boa Dick, Richard Shorty, and Ben Houstie and many more.

John is heavily embedded in the community in Vancouver and is actively producing art for organizations to raise awareness of the opioid crisis.

Johns is also a fine carver and is known for the Peace Pipes he produces for ceremonial events and for the elders.