Jim Pescitelli, Biography

I have been creating art in a variety of media all my life starting at around age 15.  I graduated from commercial art in 1971. At age 23 I became a billboard painter and silkscreen artist while continuing my work in fine art. My interest in art opened a window to the past on the subject of art history that has fascinated me through my whole life. The works of Rodin, Renoir,Matisse, Picasso,Moore, Brancuse, Modigliane, Giacometti etc have made a huge impression.  The romantic in me wished that I had been born at this special time and been able to have worked in the shadows of these greats. I do feel my work reflects on this era.

I became very interested in sculpture due to me wanting to see behind the things I was painting.  I started sculpting around 1990 and in 1995 had the great opportunity to work under the tutelage of Lorrenzo Defranchesca a master sculptor that guided me trough the understanding of how to sculpt in marble and other stone.  As difficult and grueling as it is to work in stone the gratification is immeasurable.

I became interested in animation and graduated from Vanarts 1997. I had the good fortune to meet David Bowes of Bowes Productions who invited me to work on an animated special for YTV. On this production I was able to work on most aspect of film production and moved through the ranks to become a production manager and a producer.

While working with David and another great friend Bob Enis (DOP) we produced and worked on feature film,Tv specials and commercials.This led to the 3 of us creating an award winning children’s show( Jibber Jabber) that has been broadcasted around the world.

I continue to work in all the above media. My main objective in all my work is to reach an emotional connection that I hope I make with the viewer. When I get to this point my work is done.