Jack Haer Lee - Shaogang Li, Biography

Shaogang Li was born in Harbin, an important city in northeastern China. His parents work in the government agencies of this capital city. When he was very young, he showed his natural artistic talents. He often graffitied with memories without the guidance of parents and teachers. City streets and road trees are amazing and surprising for adults. At the age of ten, he began to learn Chinese painting. He followed the traditional Chinese paintings, Mr. Weijun Ge, and won the teacher’s pro-pass and appreciation. After that, he began to study the Western painting disciplines such as drawing, watercolor, gouache, and oil painting. Later, hewas admitted to the Harbin Normal University Academy of Fine Arts, where Chinese painting was taught by Mr. Wei Lu, and studied mural painting.

At the same time, he studied oil painting with the famous Chinese oil painter Mr. Yi zheng, and continued to learn and explore in the fields of Chinese painting and oil painting as well as decorative art modeling. When he graduated from university, he was recommended by Professor Zilin Zhang , a teacher of oil painting. He was employed as one of the top candidates in the world’s top 500 financial companies, and became the backbone of the youth there. However, the intense and busy financial work did not allow Shaogang Li to put down the brush, and never gave up the persistent pursuit of the art of painting.

The pen is not arrogant, unswerving, and resolutely returns to the art world, taking the life from his inevitable world. A key step in the free world. After that, he took his wife and son to travel around the world, in the American Metropolis, the Sistine Chapel in Italy, the Hagia Sophia Church in Turkey, the Greek Art Museum, the Tokyo Art Museum, the Jeju Island Art Center in South Korea, the Singapore Art and Science Museum, and the Australian Art Center. Cambodian Angkor Wat Museum, Malaysian Art Museum, Thai Art Museum, Fiji Art Center and other cultural and artistic holy places are lingering and exploring the art road.

In order to focus on his own artistic creation, Shaogang Li has to be instructed to resign and thank the guests. In addition to going out for oil painting, he often closes himself in the studio for several months, completing a large number of magnificent and profound paintings, whether it is “God”. “Yu”, “Sun City”, “Born for Man” series or “Skylist” series and “Big Stick” series and other works all show the artist’s unique life experience and cultural philosophy, and always think about oriental aesthetics. The morphological context is plainly labeled with its own cognitive boundaries of the world.

Shaogang Li is a sky romantic artist. His oil paintings are inspired by his inspiration. He shows the humanisticspirit and exploration direction of the ancient Chinese heritage and the integration of the modern world and contemporary social city culture. The artist’s creation of the theme transcends history and nature. In his series of works, he often repeated the superb image of the gods and the deep space environment, which symbolizes the eternal and eternal philosophical thinking of the sky than the earth. He uses the religious paintings, landscapes and figures of oil paintings in an eclectic manner. The powerful expression of portraits and still lifes, combined with the temperament of traditional Chinese art, accumulates and creates a unique sacred expression system - the sky romantic style works. In his world is full of relentless pursuit of freedom, harmony, time and space, civilization, soul image description and beauty. In addition to painting, Shaogang Li cherishes friendship in his own life and loves sports, travel and literature, especially poetry and essays.

Shaogang Li’s oil paintings have been fully endorsed and supported by the founders of the American and Canadian Sun Museums, Mr. DAREL and his wife, Ms. Julie. They have a 40-year experiences of running galleries a in North America, and the art of each period in the world. The boutique has an extremely rich identification and operational capability. Shaogang Li signed the Sun Art Museum. His oil paintings became the art collections and works of the museum. At the same time, he held a personal theme oil painting exhibition in the main hall of the museum. This also explains Shaogang Li’s unique style and connotation from the other side. Received the attention and appreciation of veterans of the international art market.

Shaogang Li is a do-it-yourself man with a high creative passion. His work habit is to work day and night in the studio, or to draw directly in various outdoor environments. He does not think that painting has fallen behind the rule of science and technology. For those who believe that film, video games or other multimedia visual performances will replace paintings, he believes that painting is a human power that can despise all enemies and social and physical laws, and can be revived in the wider society. A spirited home that is eagerly awaited and sincerely loved.

Jack Haer Lee - Shaogang Li

Jack Haer Lee - Shaogang Li