Holly Bromley, Biography

Holly Bromley is a Canadian artist, born and raised in Alberta. She currently resides in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Colombia.

In 2006, Holly had a severe electrical shock caused by pushing a crosswalk button that has forever altered her world. Holly taught herself how to paint as a way to cope with the struggles that came with permanent muscle/nerve damage, as well as her mental health. Now she couldn’t imagine a life without art. Hidden blessings are everywhere.

Holly started out by making custom paintings using acrylic paint on canvas. Her style has since evolved into incorporating a second style of art. She uses layers of tinted resin and intricate movements to create a beautiful flow of liquid glass. Layer by layer she builds her paintings using acrylic and resin, sometimes adding gems and minerals into her work. When painting with resin, she likes to reach into her emotions as it allows her to get lost in the depth of each layer. Sometimes she combines both styles of realism and resin together as one. The meaning behind each painting she chooses to create is what pulls her in. She always says “I’m 100% passion driven, if I can’t feel it, I can’t paint it..”

Each painting is hand crafted by manipulating layers of tinted resin giving it a shiny glass like appearance. The high quality resin is mixed with pigments such as pearl fibers, crystals, minerals, acrylics, and other various mediums.