Herb Latreille, Biography

Smooth contours and highly polished surfaces make Herb Latreille’s sculptures valued collectors’ pieces.

Working in a variety of stone, (alabaster, marble, jade, limestone, rhodonite, and granite,) Herb takes his inspiration from both animal and human forms. His diversity is reflected in sculptures ranging from small table top pieces to major commercial works of art. Herb’s style has international appeal, enjoyed in North America, Europe, and Asia. His work ‘lives’ in private and public collections throughout the world.

An engineer for more than twenty years, Herb transitioned his sensitivity to structure and form to the art of sculpting. He is thankful each day for the opportunity to ‘live the dream’ with his second career.

Herb believes in paying it forward and paying it back! He is most grateful for the mentorship of internationally renowned sculptor, George Pratt, and has freely offered his time to help teach others and launch the careers of many budding and now successful sculptors.

Herb appreciates the opportunity to invite you to share in his passion and his heart through his art work.

Comments from one of Herb’s art shows:

“Herb’s pieces are alive with motion.”
“The style is unique, simple and masculine.”