Feng Yang, Biography

Mr. Feng Yang was born in Guangdong, China. He started to learn painting when he was in his teens.

Mr. Yang strikes the balance between Chinese ink painting and Western arts. His unique artwork amalgamates the traditional 18 Chinese depict rules and the Western pictorial rules to create the scenes and topics. Visual objects materialize from different perspectives and wide spectrum of ideas to convey significance of temperaments and images in Chinese philosophy.

He is currently serving as an Associate Dean of China Beijing Gujie Art Academy, and is the Researcher of China National Art Institute.

Mr. Yang’s paintings are being exhibited and auctioned in Taiwan, South East Asia and the United States.

1980 – Studied in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts;

1994 – Master graduated in Sun Yat‐Sun University, worked in Zijin Arts and Crafts Academy and Zijin County

Cultural Arts Centre;

2004 – competed in International Bi‐annual Art Expo organized by China Shanghai Art Museum. His artworks “Soul” and “Shadow” were successfully selected and honored by the international panel of judges.