ESTEBEL - 1833 Collection

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The name of Estebe the herbalist is found in literature on bookstore shelves and can be traced back to 1833. He was familiar with the effects of all plants and mastered the preparation of secret beauty formulas and the making of herbal medicines for women in Provence. It is said that women could find a good husband in less than one year after they had used Estebe’s formulas. By now, The legends of this magical herbalist have become myths. The romatic myths are wide spread and engraved in people’s mind although it is hard to prove the truth of them.

The name “ESTEBEL” is inspired by Estebe the herbalist with an “L” at the end (to create “BEL”, a pun of “belle”, Meaning “beauty” in French). It means a beauty formula created by the magical herbalist.

ESTEBEL diffusers are developed on this conception. The aromatherapy is combined with the ideas of herbal health care and beauty. Estebel creates high quality diffusers with high technologies and ancient methods in addition to ancient essential oil formulas and selective plants from Provence as ingredients. The energies of natural plants are used to eliminate your fatigue from all sorts of stress in the modern life, help you to achieve physical and mental relaxation.