Edouard Pinaud - Biography

Edouard Pinaud - Master Perfumer

Ed. Pinaud, the Master Perfumer in Paris, with around 200 years of history in France.

“Perfume is the paradise of vanished flowers. They  find in there their Eternity. Upon opening a bottle starts for me a pleasing journey towards my memories. (…) if I close my eyes the smile of a friend or the sweet face of a young lady met on the way around could arise from my memory. Yes, perfumes are really the most delicate beholders of our past life”. (Pinaud, memoirs 1860)

Edouard Pinaud was born in 1810, in a prosperous city called Abbeville, in the North of France. He came into the world within a family of craft workers and traders. He was fascinated by those silhouettes who left behind a slight perfumed trail. He instantaneously felt in love with perfumes and decided very young to make his profession of it. At 13 years old, he left his family to become apprentice to master all the techniques of perfumery. Passion was born inside him, and it would change his destiny.

Awards Include;
Paris 1855: medal
London 1862: Unique medal (gold on stamp)
Paris 1867: Silver medal
Vienna 1873: Medal of progress
Chile 1875: First Prize
Paris 1878: Silver Medal
Paris 1889: Grand Prize
Brussels 1897: Grand Prize
Liege 1905: Grand Prize
Quito 1909: First Prize
Brussels 1910: Bronze Medal
Amsterdam in 1883: (member of the jury)
Moscow in 1891: (medal of admission)
Chicago in 1893: (beyond competition)
Paris in 1900: (member of the jury)
Saint-Louis in 1904:(member of the jury)
Saragossa and London, en 1908
Turin in 1911
Moscow in 1915 (committee)
Paris in 1925 and 1937
Grand Prize of innovation in 1988