Darren Gowan, Biography

Darren Gowan has worked for over 15 years in his chosen career, growing and developing as an artist. As a young man, raised in the Caribbean and urban Ottawa, Darren began a journey that strengthened his connection to his First Nations heritage (he is Plains Cree and member of the Day Star First Nation) and found his true calling as an artist. Darren began carving in 1992 with antlers, bones, horns, and hooves of Deer, Moose, and Elk, and carved his first full Moose Antler in 1993. In 1997 he began working with stone. He continues to strive for excellence in all facets of his work…


Darren’s work is based on a blending of the balance of the Natural World with the dynamics of relationships within it. Such themes include: the heritage of ancient traditions, cultural practices, knowledge, freedom, stability, and balance with his love for the natural world. He comments
“the relationship between all of humanity, the natural and spiritual elements, and the entirety of creation are the inspiration of the works that balance my idea for the sculpture with what the material will allow – to unleash that balance between the forces.” Darren works with various types of stone, including Catlinnite, Steatite, Alabaster, Marble, Serpentine, Argillite, Soapstone, Wappaweeka and Wonderstone. He works also in clay and plasticine, and enjoys exploring different media, such as glass, mixed media and bronze.

Artist Statement

Many of Gowan’s works can be found throughout North America. His sculptural works have also beenpresented to dignitaries, ambassadors, educators, and politicians, and are in private and public collections worldwide including INAC National Collection and the Provincial Museum of Alberta. Darren is grateful for this gift to create for a living, and looks forward to contributing his sculptural works to the global community.