Cao Chongen, Biography

Cao Chongen, born in 1933, Guangxi Lingshan is a Contemporary Chinese Sculpture Artist. In 1949. he studied at the Guangdong Provincial Art School Fine Arts Division , then transferred to South China Academy of Arts and Fine Arts, and eventually he graduated from Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts.

As a world famous Sculpture Artist, Cao Chongen retired having created thousands of sculptures in China and across the world of prominent politicians, thinkers, social activists, academics, heroes and celebrities.

Cao Chongen was given the honor to sculpt the world famous, Bruce Lee’s statue following his death. The sculpture, commission by the Bruce Lee Club of Hong Kong, is appropriately on the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong, China.The Avenue of Stars is dedicated to the Chinese cinema. Bruce Lee was voted the “Star of the 20th century” during the 2005 Hong Kong Film ceremony. He deserves a place of honor on the walkway in Kowloon.

The bronze statue which weighs 600 kilograms was carefully moved from Cao Chongen’s studio in Guangzhou, China to Hong Kong. The master’s artistic tribute to Bruce Lee is 2.5 meters high. On the base are the simple, but true, engraved words, “Star of the Century: Bruce Lee.” Thanks to the Bruce Lee Club, Cao Chongen was awarded the commission to sculpt the statue for the martial arts’ legend. Thanks to them, Bruce Lee has a well deserved place on the Avenue of Stars with his peers.

Cao Chongen, Sculptor

Cao Chongen, Sculptor